How to install the Vibe Pixel?

  1. Go to your Measurement page within Vibe Settings section.

  2. Select your advertiser.

  3. Copy your web tracking code and paste it between the <head> tags on your website.

Additional trackings events

You can also track Leads and Purchases directly on your Vibe campaign reporting page.

  1. Go back to your Web tracking code install page.

  2. Scroll to the 3rd step, "Additional tracking events".

  3. Copy the tracking codes and implement them on the relevant pages:

    1. The Lead tracking code should only be implemented on your Lead confirmation page.

    2. The Purchase tracking code should only be implemented on your purchase confirmation page.

      Note: If you are selling products with different prices, you should add dynamic values to measure properly your ROAS.
      To add dynamic value, replace 'INSERT_PRICE_HERE' in the purchase code with your website's dynamic value code.
      Purchase variables vary from site to site. You will need to consult your developer to know those of your website.

How to verify the implementation?

  • Open your Developer console and click the Network tab.

    • To open your Developer console, you can right click on any webpage and click on Inspect page.

  • Open your website or page where you've implemented additional tracking events.

    • In the Network tab filter, search for 'Vibe'.

  • If the pixel has been properly implemented, you'll find two rows:

    • vbpx.js

    • s?aid..

  • Click on the s?aid row

    • Click on Payload

    • On the a: line, you should see the event name (Page View, Lead or Purchase).

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