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GA4 Integration

Track your CTV campaign results with Vibe's GA4 integration (Google Analytics 4).

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Your Vibe campaigns can be tracked in Google Analytics through any web data stream. A data stream is simply a flow of data from a customer touchpoint (e.g., your app or website) to Google Analytics.

What is GA4?

GA4 is the most recent version of Google Analytics, previously known as Universal Analytics (UA, for short). This new Google measurement tool is now more in-line with both international and regional digital privacy laws, while providing a more complete picture of the customer journey by prioritizing events over sessions. (Note: Universal Analytics will go offline by July 1st, 2023).

Who is GA4 integration for?

Web-first users who want to monitor the impact of their CTV campaigns on web traffic. Vibe is not currently offering GA4 tracking for apps.

What information does Vibe need from your Google Analytics account?

  • Your stream measurement id G-XXXXX

    • Allow Vibe to identify which data stream to follow

  • Measurement Protocol API Secret

    • Grant Vibe permission to send events to your data stream:

How to get started

  1. Make sure your Vibe pixel is successfully sending web events to your dashboard.

  2. If you are already using GA4:
    Select the relevant data stream (the one connected to your website) to connect with Vibe.

  3. If you are using Universal Analytics (UA) and need to migrate to GA4:
    Follow the these steps: Google article instructions to transition from UA to GA4.

  4. If you are new to GA:
    Follow these instructions to set up Google Analytics for a website.

Where to retrieve Vibe events in GA4

You can retrieve Vibe events in your GA4 reporting by searching for your campaign name.

  • In your Google Analytics account, select Reports

  • Click on Traffic acquisition

    • Add a filter and select Session source/medium as dimension

    • Search for Vibe as dimension value

    • Apply your filter

You can now see your Vibe dashboard from your GA4 account.

How to understand GA4 metrics

If you’re using Google Analytics to evaluate your Vibe campaign’s performance, keep in mind that there are some differences in the reported metrics that can affect how your data is displayed. GA4 has its own way to store and report data.

Take, for example, a Google Analytics account configured for last touch attribution:

=> Vibe displays an ad to user X, this same user sees an ad of your brand on Facebook and clicks on it, then visits your website.

=> Vibe will count the visit of User X whereas GA will count it for Facebook.

Sessions: Vibe records 1 session per impression whereas GA defines a session as a view of a page or screen and no session is currently active. By default, a session ends (times out) after 30 minutes of user inactivity. This might create discrepancies between Vibe and GA, as methods differ.

New Users: GA4 uses User ID. Each time a new user is driven to your website on the first page view, Vibe doesn't have that User ID. That User ID is caught on the subsequent page view but the user is considered a repeat user because the session has already started.

Conversion events: Vibe matches IPs between exposure and conversion within the attribution period. GA uses a different attribution model, whereby the last source of user interactions often gets the credit.

As Vibe is an impression-based source, clickable sources may grab conversions because GA favors that traffic.

How to disconnect a data stream on the Vibe platform

If you wish to revoke Vibe’s access to your Google Analytics account, make sure to do so from within the Vibe platform. Do not revoke Vibe's access from your Google Analytics account settings in order to avoid error messages:

Frequently asked questions

What is a data stream?

A data stream is a flow of data from your website or app to Google Analytics.

How many data streams can I link to in ?

An advertiser on can be linked to 1 GA data stream. If you need to track more than 1 data stream, we suggest creating a new advertiser on

After how much time will I see traffic generated by Vibe in my GA4 report?

It should take about 24 to 72h after connecting a data stream with Vibe.

Which dimensions (ex: Vibe strategy, channels…) will I be able to see in my GA4 report?

You will be able to retrieve the Vibe campaign_name and strategy_name in your GA4 reports, as well as the medium ("ctv") and the source ("vibe").

Is Vibe setting up cookies when sending GA4 events?

No, only Google Analytics will set a 1st-party cookie to distinguish unique users and sessions.

What events is Vibe passing to GA4?

Vibe only passes page views to GA4, then GA4 attributes other events (such as conversions) depending on how your GA4 is set up.

Should I add a UTM to track progress ?

No UTM is needed since everything is automatically sent thanks to GA4 data streams.

Why am I getting a Measurement Protocol Error message?

If you are getting this message, you probably need to enable User Data Collection for this specific data stream. To do so, simply:

  • Navigate to the Admin section of your GA4 account

  • Click on Data Streams and select Vibe

  • Scroll down to the Measurement Protocol section

  • Click on Acknowledge User Data Collection

  • Keep scrolling and select Create a Measurement Protocol Secret

You're done!

What should I do if I'm unable to save my Google Analytics integration on the Vibe platform?

If you are having trouble saving your GA integration, you might not have all the necessary GA permissions yet. It’s an easy fix! Here's how to proceed:

  • Navigate to your Google Analytics account.

  • Navigate to the Admin section and then Data streams (under the Property column).

  • Click on the data stream you previously selected and then on Measurement Protocol API secrets.

You can now click on the Review terms button (see screenshot below) and agree to the terms.

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