AppsFlyer Integration

Vibe easily integrates with AppsFlyer to let you run your campaigns with Vibe while using the AppsFlyer SDK for attribution and reporting.

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1. Activate Vibe as a partner on the AppsFlyer dashboard

  • In your AppsFlyer account, select Integration Partners.

  • Search for Vibe.

  • Select Vibe.

  • Select Activate Partner.

  • Under Cross-platform, enable cross-platform equal attribution priority.

    • Set the Equal attribution priority lookback window.

    • This can be set up to 6 hours. During that time impressions get the same attribution priority as a deterministic click. The app install will be attributed to the cross-platform.

  • In the Sending option dropdown, select All media sources, including organic.

  • Toggle ON in-app event postbacks.

  • You can also map your events to the ones that Vibe offers you (go to 4. to learn more)

  • Save the integration.

  • In the Attribution link tab, select Use OneLink and click on the three dots and select Create a template.

  • In the OneLink Management tab, don't forget to select Cross-platform attribution within your dedicated Template ID

  • Save your attribution link.

  • Copy your View-through attribution link.

2. Make your AppsFlyer app visible to the Vibe team to enable efficient support

  1. Go to Permissions.

  2. Select Ad network permissions.

3. (optional) Map 'Signup' and 'Purchase' in-app events

  • Under Integrated Partners, select Add event.

  • In the dropdown, select the relevant events and map them to Purchase or Signup.

  • In the Sending option dropdown, select All media sources, including organic and values & revenue.

  • Save your integration.

4. Set up partner integration on the Vibe platform

  1. Go to your Settings page.

  2. Select Measurement.

  3. Select AppsFlyer.

  4. Select the relevant advertiser.

  5. Select the App (iOS app or Android app) you want to integrate.

  6. Enter your App Store URL.

    1. Make sure that the App ID from your Play Store URL or App Store URL matches the one for your app within AppsFlyer UI.

  7. Enter your CTV tracker (view-through attribution link).

  8. Save your app.

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