Singular Integration

Vibe easily integrates with Singular to let you run your campaigns with Vibe while using the Singular SDK for attribution and reporting.

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1. Find Vibe as a Partner

On the Singular platform, go to Attribution > Partner Configuration and then search for Vibe in the Search Partners text box.

2. Select your app and set up Conversion postbacks

In the Configuration window that opens, select the App for which you want to configure partner settings/postbacks, and then select the App Site (platform version). You will need to configure partners separately per app site.

Within App-specific Configuration:

Check the box Send View-Through Postbacks.
Check the box Send all install postback to Vibe regardless of attribution partner.
Check the box Send event postback to Vibe on all installs.

Within Install & Re-engagement Postbacks:

Select Install and Re-engagement.

Within Event Postbacks:

  • Map your In-app (SDK) Event Names to the Vibe event names to reflect in your campaign reporting in
    You can choose to map your events to the ones Vibe offers:
    - purchase
    - signup

    Note: If you want to retrieve those events in your reporting, please write the above events without changing anything.

  • Select Include Revenue Value when your mapped event includes revenue amount.

3. Create your CTV tracking link

When creating a link, make it a view-through (impression) link, enable the CTV option, and set the View-through probabilistic install window to 24 hours. (Click-through links do not support CTV attribution.)

4. Send tracking link to your Account Manager

Once all the above have been checked, please pass the link to your Account Manager for final implementation.

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