Attribution is the science of matching two data points to each other. At Vibe, we match your web users with your ad viewers to identify who's been driven to your website by a Vibe ad. You can use this attribution data to measure campaign performance, optimise your creative assets, and more.

How it works

An ad view is called an impression, and it is counted whenever an ad is displayed on a user's screen.

Here's what the attribution flow looks like:

  1. A user views a Vibe ad from a given campaign.

  2. The user visits your website.

  3. The Vibe pixel triggers an event from your website to the Vibe servers.

  4. The Vibe attribution engine matches the IP address of the user with all the IP addresses who've been exposed to an ad from a given campaign and within a given attribution window (default attribution widow is 24h).

  5. All the matches IP within the attribution window are attributed to the relevant Vibe campaign and reported on the reporting page of that campaign.

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