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Manage your Campaign Status
Manage your Campaign Status
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Vibe campaigns are organized in six main categories: Draft, Upcoming, Delivering, Paused, Inactive, and Completed. All campaigns begin and remain drafts until they are published, and can be paused or duplicated at any time.


All campaigns begin as drafts. You can design and edit your campaigns and strategies as much as you need - they will never go live until you choose to hit Publish. Your campaign will then say Upcoming under its name on your main dashboard.


Once a campaign is published, it can take up to 12 hours for it to start delivering, during which time it will be an Upcoming campaign. Stay tuned, you are close to delivering your campaign.


Your campaign is now live and delivering on CTV. You can still edit or pause it at any time.


You can pause your campaign by clicking through to that specific campaign's dashboard and selecting the pause button.

You can toggle the campaign or strategy back to Delivering at any time (within your campaign date range).


If your campaign balance hits $0, you will need to add more funds to the campaign or it will become inactive.

Go to your Settings and check your account balance. Note that once you make a new payment, your campaign will be automatically resume.


Your campaign is completed once you've reached your end date (if you set one) or you've fully delivered your lifetime budget.

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