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Campaign Targeting
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The Vibe platform offers powerful targeting options for your CTV campaign, from geo-location, to hyper-precise demographic targeting. Use them to reach your ideal audience and maximize your campaign performance.

We recommend targeting only a few dimensions at a time to ensure optimal deliverability.




Select audience targets according to demographic and/or search query segmentation. Vibe’s audience data is both proprietary and sourced from our data partners at Oracle and Lotame. For retargeting campaigns, only select the Website Visitor segment.

Learn more about website visitors audience here.


Use the Vibe location targeting module to target - or exclude - specific US states, metros, cities, or zip codes. If you need to upload a large number of zip codes, you can use our bulk upload feature.


Use the Vibe screen targeting module to target TV screens, tablets, and/or mobile devices.


Use the Vibe inventory targeting module to select the apps and channels OR live sports content your ads will run on. Both cannot be selected at the same time.

If you wish to deliver ads next to on-demand content as well as live sports, you will simply need to create two separate strategies within your campaign.

  1. To target Apps and Channels for ad delivery, select Apps and Channels, then Select all or select channels à la carte.

2. To target Live Sports programming, click on Live Sports and select the leagues whose live games you wish to target. In this module, you will be targeting a specific content type vs. a specific channel.

WARNING: Live Sports campaigns will deliver your ads during game time, which means the time slot targeting module will be deactivated.

We also recommend avoiding geo-location targeting for Live Sports campaigns in order to optimize deliverability.

Delivery time slots

Use the Vibe delivery time slots targeting module to target specific time slots. You can choose a shortcut or set your own preferred ad delivery times.

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