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Can I advertise on Live Sports channels?
Can I advertise on Live Sports channels?

Advertisers can now choose which live sports games to advertise next to.

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Yes! You can now advertise on Live Sports programming from the following leagues:

  • NBA

  • NFL



  • NHL

  • PGA

In order to run your ads next live sports content, simply scroll down to the Inventory Targeting section of your campaign and select Live Sports. Then, click on the leagues whose live games you want to advertise next to.

In this campaign type, you will be targeting content instead of channels, which is why you can't select Apps & Channels and Live Sports in the same strategy.

In order to target both content types in your campaign, simply create two separate strategies.

Live Sports campaigns deliver ads during game time, which means the time slot targeting module will be deactivated.

We also recommend avoiding geo-location targeting for Live Sports campaigns in order to optimize deliverability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Live Sports targeting allows marketers to advertise next to live games they select by league, NOT by channel. That means advertisers can choose the league they want to advertise with and the Vibe team will find the streaming channels those live games are delivered on to place the ad accordingly.

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