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Campaign Retargeting

Learn how to enable retargeting and its best practices.

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Retarget your web visitors on TV

First, add a Vibe pixel code to your website header so Vibe can gather your web visitor data and create your custom audience pool (we recommend beginning data collection at least a few days before launching your retargeting campaign.)

That pool will continue to grow as Vibe collects more data.

Then, as you begin to set up your campaign, select Visitors under the Website Audiences tab in your dashboard.

By implementing Leads and Purchasers events on your website, you expand your targeting capabilities to include these specific audience segments.

  • When choosing one of the available web audiences, those not selected will automatically be excluded.

    For instance, if you select the 'Visitors' audience, the Leads and Purchasers audiences will be excluded.

Continue to set up the rest of your campaign as you normally would and hit launch!

What if I see an alert showing that no website visitors have been found?

If you see the above message, there is an issue with your pixel.

Here are a few reasons that might happen:

  • You’ve saved a pixel but didn’t paste it into your website header.
    The pixel is required to retarget website visitors.

  • You’ve selected an Advertiser with no associated pixel.
    If you are managing multiple advertisers, make sure to check that the advertiser you are creating a campaign for has a valid pixel.

  • The pixel placed on your website isn’t working.
    You can troubleshoot your pixel implementation by reading this help article and/or ask help from your developer team.

Either way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance by using the chat bot at the bottom of your screen.

Retargeting Best Practices

  • Make sure your website audience is large enough to fully deliver your budget. We recommend having at least 10,000 monthly web visitors before running successful retargeting campaigns.

  • Remove all other targeting options in your retargeting campaign.
    While prospecting strategies can target specific ages, gender, geos, channels, time slots, or audiences, retargeting should be used as a single targeting strategy to ensure deliverability.

  • Be prepared! Place your pixel way before launching your campaign to record enough website visitors for successful retargeting. We recommend dropping the Vibe pixel on your website at least 1 week before launch.
    At the minimum, we will need 12 hours to create your first retargeting audience.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix prospecting and retargeting strategies. You can create a prospecting strategy with one dedicated budget on one hand and a retargeting strategy with another dedicated budget on the other hand, which will allow you to compare performances and make adjustments if necessary.

How often are audiences updated?

Vibe updates your retargeting audience every hour, as long as your pixel is active.

This ensures your campaign will retarget as many of your web visitors as possible. Website visitors are automatically removed from your audience after 30 days.

Can I use different retargeting options?

Currently, Vibe only offers web retargeting with pixel tracking.

Let us know if you’d like to use a different method at [email protected]

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