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Create your Campaign
Create your Campaign

Set your budget, targets, and dates to launch your campaign with Vibe in minutes.

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Let’s create your first Vibe campaign!

  1. Click on Create campaign on your Vibe dashboard.

  2. Enter your campaign name.

  3. Choose a campaign goal: Awareness, Website Traffic, or App Install. Don’t worry, this choice will not limit any of your campaign options.

  4. Create your first Advertiser. Advertiser is a term that allows you to separate campaign groups by brand, client, or product category. If you are creating campaigns for just one brand, simply enter your brand name in the advertiser menu.

  5. Choose between Daily and Lifetime budget types, then enter your budget amount. To ensure deliverability, the minimum Daily budget is $50 and the minimum Lifetime budget is $500.

  6. Enter your campaign Start and End dates.

    • If you selected a Daily budget type, you do not need to select an End date.

  7. Click on Next.

Create your first campaign strategy

You have created your first campaign! You are now ready to create your first Strategy.

Each Strategy is basically an ad set within your campaign. You can choose to create only one or several, in order to test your creative, targeting, budgeting, etc.

  1. Edit your Strategy name (if relevant).

  2. Edit the Budget amount for this strategy (if relevant; by default strategies have the same budget as their parent campaigns).

  3. Choose between Automatic bidding (recommended) or Manual bidding.

  4. Select the targeting options relevant to your strategy.

  5. Upload your ad creative.

  6. Click on Save.

  7. Click on Publish Campaign.

Congratulations, your first Vibe campaign is live!

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