Depending on what stage you are in your campaign management, there are different statuses in Vibe.

Find them below and understand what they stand for.


Draft status is the first status that you have when you create your campaign.

You can design strategies but as long as you didn't publish your campaign, your campaign status will stay in "draft".


When your campaign is published but not delivered yet, you will see a new status in your campaign, stay tuned, you are close to delivering your campaign.


Your campaign is now live and delivers on CTV.


You can pause your campaign at any time by ticking the paused button at the campaign level.

Then your campaign will be in paused status.


Once your balance is negative, you should proceed to a new payment otherwise, your campaign will be inactive.

Go to your settings and check your account balance. Note that once you'll make a new payment, your campaign will be resumed automatically.

  • Completed

Your campaign is completed once you've reached your end date (if you set one) or you've delivered your lifetime budget.

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