You may wonder why your campaign is underdelivering and how to improve it. A campaign with average deliverability may struggle to deliver.

Here are a few steps to improve your deliverability:

  1. Check your Age and Gender targeting to see how it impacts the delivery. A campaign with just 1 or 2 age segments can have a very limited audience size.

  2. Check the Apps & Channels selected. Is the daily estimated reach enough to deliver properly depending on other filters applied? If not, try to add more channels.

  3. Check the Bidding strategy. If you're already using automatic bidding, try to increase your CPM by switching to the manual mode for a few hours to see how delivery evolves.

  4. Try to think of other filters applied such as geo-targeting or narrow delivery time slots, as they may also affect the delivery.

If you've checked all the above and delivery still doesn't improve, please contact your Account Manager to ask for assistance.

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