Let’s create your first Vibe campaign!

Create your campaign

  1. Click on Create campaign on the Vibe dashboard.

  2. Enter your Campaign name.

  3. Select your Campaign goal.

  4. Create your first Advertiser.

  5. Choose between Daily and Lifetime budget types and enter your budget amount.

  6. Enter your campaign start and end dates.

    1. If your budget type is Daily, you do not need an End date.

  7. Click on Next.

Create your first campaign strategy

You have created your first campaign! You are now ready to create your first strategy.

  1. Edit your Strategy name (if relevant).

  2. Edit your strategy Start and End date (if relevant, by default strategies have the same dates as their parent campaigns).

  3. Edit the Budget amount for this strategy (if relevant, by default strategies have the same budget as their parent campaigns).

  4. Choose between Automatic bidding (recommended) or manual bidding by putting a max CPM.

  5. Set up the targeting options relevant to your campaign.

  6. Upload your Ad creative.

  7. Click on Save strategy.

  8. Click on Publish campaign.

Congratulations, your first CTV campaign is running!

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