Campaign budget type

When creating a campaign with Vibe, you can pick between 2 budget types:

  • Daily: the campaign will aim to spend the budget you set on a daily basis.

  • Lifetime: the campaign will spend and pace the budget over a span of time determined by you.

If you chose the Daily Budget option, you don’t have to set an end date for your campaign. If you don’t set an end date, the campaign will keep spending the set daily budget until you pause it.

Campaign budget distribution across strategies

Your campaign budget can be distributed across different strategies depending on your objectives.

For example, if your campaign budget is $10000 and you have 2 strategies, you can distribute your campaign budget across those strategies (i.e. strategy 1: $3 and strategy 2: $7k).

But be careful! The sum of your strategies' budgets can’t exceed your campaign budget.

Pricing Mode

For each strategy, you can set how to spend your budget by choosing between automatic bidding (recommended) and manual bidding.

Automatic bidding will buy inventory at the best price depending on your targeting filters. You don't have to worry about setting the right CPM!

You can also set a manual price. If your CPM bid is $30, Vibe will buy auctions at a maximum price of $30 per 1000 impressions.

Minimum Budgets

The minimum budget for a campaign is $500 for lifetime budget campaigns and $50 for daily budget campaigns, as our experience with CTV has shown this is what an actionable minimum budget looks like. That said, here are some guidelines to help you define what is the right budget for you.

CPMs (Cost Per Mille) vary according to the type of channel and targeting you are looking for, but typical CPMs for a CTV performance campaign range between $15 and $25.

What does that mean? Well, for example, if you set a Daily Budget of $150 for your campaign, it will display 10,000 impressions.

Once your campaign has launched, you can increase or decrease your budget at any time, based on results.

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