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My Video Won't Upload
My Video Won't Upload
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Are you having a hard time uploading your creative to the Vibe platform? Let’s fix it!

First, make sure the uploaded video file meets the following specifications:

  • Size Ratio | 16:9, 1920×1080

  • Length | 30 seconds max, 15 or 30 second slots

  • File Format | .mp4

  • File Size | Max size 200MB

  • Frame Rate | Must be constant; 23.98, 25, or 29.97 FPS

  • Bit Rate | Greater or equal to 2500 KBPS

Be careful, if your file is even 1 second too long, it will not upload.

Need help reducing the size of your file? Here are 6 free, easy-to-use tools:

Second, check your audio specs:

  • Overall Mix Level | 10db to -14db

  • Dialogue | -12db to -15db

  • Music | -18db to -22db

  • Sound Effects | -10db to -20db with occasional spikes up to -8db

Still having trouble? Contact a Vibe support team member through the chat box.

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